Fuck Slashdot Beta

The SoylentNews site is now live at www.soylentnews.org!

Slashdot is planning to redesign their site, including reducing the functionality of the comment system, which has been one of the most successful examples of community-based moderation. When the community advised Slashdot management of the deficiencies in the redesign, management ignored the community and began forcing people into the new beta version.

When calls for a boycott became louder, management finally thought it fit to address the community, but the community took offense at the condescending tone, the community that comprises what Slashdot actually is, being referred to as the "audience".

It is obvious that management is determined to stay on board this train wreck that is about to happen, damn the "audience"! This is not the kind of community that many of us would feel comfortable with anymore, certainly it is nothing like Slashdot used to be in 1998. Therefore, several users have called for a boycott, to get Slashdot management to rethink their decisions, but mindful that they probably will not. So the community is also gathering to see if Slashdot could be forked.

Join the Slashcott February 10 to February 24! Refrain from visiting and participating on Slashdot for this week. Lets see them monetize an "audience" of 0.

Last updated 20140224

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